Monday, January 08, 2024


 It is cold and rainy here and supposed to snow tomorrow, also on Friday, and also next Monday. Plus very low temps in between. 

We rented a Kia Sportage, which Dr. Skull has no trouble getting in and out of, and I like driving. The little dashboard computer gives me frequent advice, pointing out when I'm speeding, or too close to the car in front of me; and about every 30 minute it suggests I have been driving too long, and maybe I should take a break. Plus a back-up camera. Plus SO MUCH ROOM. We hauled a desk up to the kid that I'd been promising him he could have as soon as we figured out a way to get it up there. It's my old writing desk, but now I write with my feet up and my laptop actually in my lap.

Desk in the Kid's Apartment

The Mustang has a bad thermostat, which is why the check engine light was on and why it was running cold. Cost to repair: somewhere on the wrong side of $400. 

I opened a savings account with the money from my mother, and it's already earning interest. Plus this gives us time to look around before we buy the new car.


nicoleandmaggie said...

It's so much easier to keep money in a savings account that's giving over 4% than one that's giving 0.1%. I wonder if part of me having an easier time with savings is because when I was in grad school (and on my own financially for the first time) CD interest rates were really high and being able to park part of my stipend (I got paid 3x/year) in one until I actually needed it while earning amounts of money that actually mattered to my well-being was really eye-opening.

delagar said...

I thought about putting some of it in a CD, which I also did back in graduate school; but as I recall, the bank had rules about when I could take the money out. Is that not true anymore?

nicoleandmaggie said...

Oh, no, you definitely should not put it in a CD now-- I think bank rates are pretty similar to CD rates last time I checked, so you lose flexibility without necessarily gaining anything (unless interest rates drop again and you stick in for the long-haul instead of buying soon, I guess, which is probably why they aren't higher). Back when I was in grad school that was not the case!

Unless you find a CD where the withdrawal penalty is small compared to the increase in interest rate money, you should keep it in high interest savings!

(Standard disclaimer: YMMV-- don't take my word for anything etc.)

delagar said...

I'm leaving it in savings for now!