Monday, January 01, 2024

Happy New Year!

Here we go again.

Inspired by Nicole & Maggie's post: my top five posts in 2023. Top five = those the most people read, or at least clicked on.

Just Saying

Children's Books I have Known

Pride Month Continues (an anomaly, I think, and also its link is no longer active)

Post-Racial America (from 2009!)

American Health Care (also from 2009)

If we restrict ourselves to 2023, I'd add these two

Robots and Mean Teenagers (Link is also not active anymore)

The Kid Gets Published

If we eliminate posts connected to my appearing in the Pride Storybundle, we'd add these:

Ugh, Cars

Side Effect: Exercise

This is an improvement, since for literally years my top post has been that one about Dennis Prager getting a divorce, and yet continuing to tout himself as the moral expert on marriage. I think he's actually gotten several divorces at this point. Anyway, I suspect that one has fallen in the stats because people who follow Prager no longer read anything written by non-MAGA Americans.

Anyway, happy new year!

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