Monday, January 15, 2024

More Snow

Il neige.

And it's ten degrees. 61 degrees inside the house.



nicoleandmaggie said...

Same, though my heater is working hard to get above 65 and there's only a tiny amount of snow here.

Then I click over to pharyngula and think, we're so weak!
And DC1 texted me to let me know it's colder in Northfield than it is in Norway.

delagar said...

Yeah, but our houses aren't built for this sort of cold. Anyway, mine isn't.

nicoleandmaggie said...

True! And school just got cancelled for tomorrow so it's not like I'm leaving the house. Though we are trying to get it up to at least 70 degrees before DC2's neighborhood friend comes over.

It's so weird-- when we first moved here any time we got a little bit of snow, there would be big F150 and similar out with snow plow attachments that all belonged to private people getting contracted by local government to clear roads. Now none of that happens.

Growing up in the Midwest I am always so shocked about how little it takes to get this place completely shut down. A little government expenditure (see: private F150s with snow plow attachments) would have really big positive effects on local businesses, not to mention public safety.

delagar said...

Our campus shut down for tomorrow too.

I can see these small towns not investing in snowplows when a bad storm only happens once every decade or so. But what's the excuse for not hiring private, enterprising citizens? Here in Arkansas I suppose it might mean having to tax the 1%.

Though Sarah Huckster Sanders did pass a law saying public schools can't have snow days. That's her solution to the problem.