Wednesday, December 06, 2023

What I'm Writing Now

I submitted my novel, the third in the Escape Velocity series, and I wrote and submitted a short story. Now I am starting the fourth Velocity novel AND apparently writing a novella. Why must I write novellas? What is WRONG with me?

I'm also writing book reviews for Asimov's and for Interzone, so I am reading and re-reading a ton of SF/F books, toward that end.

And I am grading final papers as well as the final packets for my fiction workshop. Also, I am teaching Script Workshop next semester, which should be very interesting, as I have never actually written a script on my own, although I kind of helped Dr. Skull write one, back in the previous century, about vampires who were long-haul truckers. 

So I might be writing a script soon, is what I'm saying, since I find it useful to have done the things I am trying to teach other writers to do.

Meanwhile, while I have you here, should I compel them to write screenplays or should I allow those who want to write scripts for graphic novels to do that instead? I am thinking not, because if we are all writing the same sort of thing, the workshop might cohere better. But maybe?

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