Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Update on Dr Skull

His toes are much better, which is good, because I could not get through to our primary care doctor either. The phone rang and rang, then went to the answering machine, and then hung up before I could leave a message.

If they weren't healing, which they seem to be now, I would take him to the ER. But we're following our primary care doctor's advice, except for taking him to wound care, which is to change the dressings once a day, keep his feet elevated, and have him walk around every half hour or so, which helps with circulation. Seems to be working.

Also, UGH.

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nicoleandmaggie said...

I'm glad his toes are better!

That really sucks about not being able to get to wound care or to get a referral for a podiatrist.

For my DC1's recent diagnosis of scoliosis none of the places in town or in major cities nearby had any openings for months (at potentially a crucial time of growth-- turns out DC1 is actually done growing, but we didn't know that until we actually got an appointment) and weren't even taking people for their waitlists. But we're lucky(?) in that there's a hospital center that used to be the main place for an HMO that people in rural areas would have to drive to which currently has more doctors than needed because they're no longer the main HMO hub, but doctors didn't all move. I'm not sure what we would have done if they didn't have an appointment-- DC1 would have had to do things in Minnesota, I guess.

The TERF professor the other year lectured me in her hallway about wait times in Canada based on some "News" story she watched and I kept repeating there are wait times in the US too. But of course she didn't listen, even though I teach a @#$@#ing class on health economics. She did however, have sharp ears as she was leaving and I leaned over and whispered something negative about her to the friend I was actually in the department to see. "What was that?!?"