Friday, December 15, 2023

Thermostat Conflict

One item on the "Is this a viable life partner?" check list ought to be thermostat settings.

In the summer this is not a problem for Dr. Skull and me, since it is impossible to get the house as cold as I would actually like it, and also way too expensive.

But in the winter this is a conversation we usually have six or seven times a week:

DR. SKULL: It's cold in here.

ME: It's 70 degrees! (It is actually 66 degrees.)

DR. SKULL: It's so cold in here. Why is it so cold in here?

ME: It's fine.

DR. SKULL: Can't we turn the heat up?

ME: Put on a sweatshirt. You're going around in a teeshirt and shorts and complaining it's cold. Where's your schmata?

DR. SKULL: (grumbling as he goes to look for his hoodie) I'm freezing to death.

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