Monday, October 09, 2023

Oh Boy! Butler!

Look what my public library bought for me:

Our library may be ditching books that they think no one reads anymore, and they may buy way too many works of far-right propaganda (in my opinion), but they also have this feature where you can request a book, and they buy it, and then automatically put it on hold for you.

It's the best!

Public libraries are, as you probably already know, under attack by the far-right. Our library isn't seeing too many attempts to ban books that someone thinks not just their kid but no kid should read (never far-right hate screeds, about how democrats hate America; always books in which LGBTQ people exist) but they have seen massive cuts in funding, and every time they manage to get an increase in funding on the ballot, the local conservatives vote it down. "Who even uses libraries?" they demand. 

I mean, poors and the educated, which is why the right hates libraries, I guess.

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