Sunday, October 22, 2023

Bits of News

The kids, of course, drove down here (a whole sixty miles!) and returned home again with no trouble whatsoever. Eventually I will learn not to spin myself up about these things. One day.

It was 88 degrees here yesterday and today the high will be 84. On the 22nd of October. But then it will rain and we will be back, at least briefly, to having a fall.

I am finishing a review for Interzone today, and then tomorrow I will read through my draft of the next Velocity novel, which I finished about 10 days ago. Then, if all is well, I will send that off to my editor.

Dr. Skull's back has been much worse lately. I think because of his bout with COVID -- not that COVID made it worse, but because he could not exercise while he was ill, and lost much of the ground he had gained by swimming four time a week. I'm trying to coax him into starting exercising again, but he says his back hurts too much.

My insomnia treatment -- listening to audio books until I fall asleep -- continues to work. This may be an actual cure. Fingers crossed.

Our Trump Mini-Me, Sarah Huckster Sanders, has banned a group of words from being used in state documents, all words that might imply trans people exist, such as  "birth giver." One can't say birth giver. Once must say "mom." Of course, no one in Arkansas was saying things like "chest-feeding," (another banned word), but Huckabee Sanders isn't actually trying to accomplish anything. She's just signaling to her base that it's okay to hate trans people. If this was 1990, she'd be banning gay marriage. And if was 1950, she'd be closing our public swimming pools rather than allowing black kids to go swimming.

But banning words? That's actually Orwellian, as opposed to all the shit that the Right (who has never read 1984, clearly) loves to call Orwellian.

ETA: I've given up reading the website formerly known as Twitter, because it's just too ugly these days, but this one did make me laugh:

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