Saturday, October 24, 2020

Conservative "thought"

 A conservative "pro-life" science fiction writer makes a modest proposal:

Allow me to suggest that we eliminate the income tax altogether, and that, in order to vote, one must donate their firstborn male-child to the agoge and be raised in boot camp as a janissary or fighting slave for our overseas wars.

This would allow unwed mothers to sell their babies for a signing bonus, rather than aborting the young.

Now, this slavery might strike the modern mind as inhuman, but, on the other hand, would it be better that the child be dead, as opposed to fighting for his country?

Again, it seems inhuman, but on the other hand, had this been the policy since Roe v Wade, we would possess a fifty million man army.

I do not suggest going to the original source -- it is an argument against women having the franchise, and the comment section is filled with typical conservative commentary: eugenics, bigotry, and nonsense. But it is here if you feel up to it.


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