Friday, October 23, 2020

Achievement Unlocked

 Readers, I voted.

I even voted for a libertarian this year -- the one that was running against Tom Cotton. I don't think much of the libertarian philosophy, as you all know, but I would vote for a yellow dog over Tom Cotton.

We all got one of these as our voting swag:

The Kid shows his Swag -- and his nails

The line at my polling place was tiny -- only two people in front of us, and about six poll workers. No waiting.

We did (deliberately) vote at one p.m. on a workday, which probably helped.


nicoleandmaggie said...

That's awesome! Our polling site used the eraser ends of unsharpened pencils and we didn't get to keep them. But I did get an "I voted" sticker.

delagar said...

We didn't have any stickers. :(

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Yay voting! (We submitted absentee ballots to a drop box, there were no stickers, very disappointing.)