Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just a Head's Up to the Gender Essentials; or, Gavin McInnes Wants a Cookie and a Nap

When y'all start talking about how most women really want this and most men are really like this and centuries of evolution have created men who want to earn a living and women who want to wash dishes?

Yeah, you sound exactly like this tool to the rest of us.

My favorite bit is at the very end, when he starts to realize he's terribly out-classed intellectually by everyone he is speaking with, and begins to flail in fury.

But he's a businessman, y'all.  (Which somehow, in his little bubble of a universe, is exactly like hunting tigers on the Serengeti with a six-foot spear!)  He's working hard to feed his kids.

Unlike, well, you know, nearly every other parent on the planet.

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