Tuesday, August 05, 2014


I broke the news to the kid today that returning to public school means she needs more than two pairs of trousers and some disreputable teeshirts.

Sharks Are Cute Too Shirt

Which means...shopping.

She hates shopping, especially clothes shopping, but all shopping really, unless it involves used bookstores or art shops.

And I can't blame her: I hate it too.  Neither of us really likes clothing at all, or shoes, and we're not that interested in food; or rather, in buying food.  (Both of us like eating lovely food that someone else has found and cooked for us.) I also hate record stores and liquor stores.  (Dr. Skull could spend hours in both.)  And electronics -- which Dr. Skull also loves so much -- I'd rather see a dentist than shop for computers or phones or even fucking batteries.

I don't mind kitchen supply stores, which Dr. Skull loves, though I don't like them as much as he does, and I'm mildly interested in art shops, though I tired of them much more quickly than the kid does.

But clothing? Gah. Shoes? God, I hate buying shoes*.

Nevertheless.  School starts in 13 days.  I don't think we can put it off very much longer.

Wish me luck, y'all.

*These are one of four pairs of shoes I own.  I wear these every day, nearly.  I bought them at Target a year ago, on sale, in ten minutes flat.  The happiest day in my shopping career!


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I also hate shopping. Plus I think we missed the window for deals on uniforms. Maybe if I wait just a little bit longer they'll run it again. Or maybe I'm just SOL until spring. I'm sure my 7 year old can wear his size 6s for another semester... *sigh*

delagar said...

Can't I just wear the same pair of jeans and the same three polo shirts ALL THE TIME?

I mean, why not?

(I literally am down to one pair of jeans. I had two but my other pair ripped out by the back pocket so badly even I couldn't pretend it was still okay.)

Anonymous said...

Me, I prefer spending the days in my pajamas...

delagar said...

Ha, yes. At home, I live in pajama bottoms and teeshirts so old they are mostly holes.

Dr. Skull, when we're doing laundry, says, holding my raggedly teeshirts up to the light, "Isn't it time to retire these?"

"No!" I say, snatching them (carefully) away. "That one is my FAVORITE."