Thursday, August 15, 2013

Paperwork, ARGH

Spent the entire afternoon and evening, after getting out of the pre-semester timesuck, doing paperwork for the fall semester -- revising syllabi for various classes, blocking out reading schedules for the two lit classes I'm teaching (World Lit II and Working Class Lit), revising paper handouts, that sort of thing.

I had done all this already, in the last week of Summer II, but then last week I picked up a fifth class, an overload, which means I have to do a bunch of shifting around and re-adjusting.  Nothing major, but almost every bit of paperwork has to be changed. Gah.

Also the kid and I went out for an evening walk, over to Creekmore Park, which was lovely.  We're having a strangely cool August here in the Fort.  This evening it was eighty degrees, clear and breezy.  The park was full of dog-walkers and joggers and toddlers with their parents in tow.  The train ran round and round and every time it passed us the little kids in the caboose would wave at me with exactly the same boundless glee as they had on the previous round.  (I waved happily back. The kid ignored them with gloomy adolescent angst.)

Tomorrow it is back to the u. for more exciting meetings.

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