Sunday, May 05, 2013

Plan B? "We've Just never needed it," say Male Pharmacists

Well, isn't this special.

Over in Bama, a news team does a report on the changes in the law on Plan B -- how it will now be legal to sell it over the counter to anyone 15 years old and older -- only to find (1) a single pharmacists (male, white) in their area who says he will still keep it behind the counter and (2) every other pharmacist they talk to who says they have never carried it and still won't carry it.


Oh, various reasons.

Some choose not to.  (Freedom of choice: get it?  It's their choice to keep women from having that choice!)

Another claims to think it's just not right to put the medicine into the hands of 15 year olds (never mind that they've never carried it, and that this touching concern for 15 year olds means keeping the medicine out of the hands of all women, so color me unconvinced about this excuse, son).

My favorite claim, though?  They just have never needed the drug.


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