Monday, May 13, 2013

Nice Garden You Got There

So this year we're putting in a garden*, here in the Fort.

It's the first year we've tried -- for several years after we moved here, NW Arkansas had a fierce drought; and then we had the summer when it rained non-stop (I mean just seriously non-stop, torrential daily downpours, everything washed away) and then it was the summer two years ago when the temperature was 114 degrees for a month solid, and not much cooler than that the rest of the summer either, and when we stepped outside I swear you could smell the world toasting...

But this year, it's looking green out there.  Like...maybe?

So we dug up a small patch, the kid and I. We have nice earth in this backyard, as it develops.  Big fat earthworms came up with every shovelful.  The ground smells so lovely.  The kid kept squealing. (This is her first garden, or anyway the first she remembers.) "What's that?" "It's a bug!"  "Is that -- that's a larva!"

And then yesterday when we actually planted, it was worse.

The Kid: Do what now?

Me: Poke your finger down, to about your first knuckle, and --

The Kid: Put my hand in the dirt?

Me: Um, yeah.

The Kid: In the dirt?

Me: Well, yes.  Look, I'm afraid gardening does require you to get your hands dirty.

The Kid: --- --- ---

Me: You can wash them after.

The Kid: (whose idea this garden was, by the way)(darkly): You could have warned me about this.

*What are we growing? Tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, carrots, corn, and cantaloupe. Dr. Skull asked whether we wanted to put some flowers in.  Chicks love flowers you know.  Maybe I should.


Unknown said...

cantaloupe! that's what we should have added to ours!! we have corn, carrots, peas, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, greens, green onions, and two test avocado trees :)

delagar said...

We're adding marigolds and a fig tree!

Unknown said...

I planted a fantastic garden one year, 2002, and we had potatoes that were wonderful. We had a huge party on the fourth of July and they were sooo good that we ate them ALL.

Anonymous said...

Well done adding the marigolds and a fig tree.

If you talk yourself into mints or lemon balm, put them in a container and don't let them roam among the general population. I bought a sweet little lemon balm plant one year and it turned into something like kudzu in our yard. Smells great and it's pretty, but it will march across your yard faster than General Sherman.

Nasturtiums are very charming and easy to grow too.

Enjoy your garden! --L