Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oh, Fayetteville, I Love You So

We spent Saturday in Fayetteville, which is possibly our favorite thing to do on this planet.

My parents (who have a condo there) were in town, plus the Kid just had a birthday, so we went up so they could take her out for lunch, which we had at Ella's, one of our favorite places, housed in an old women's dorm on the UA campus.

But first! The Farmer's Market on the Square, where five or six musicians were busking today, and scores of people with their dogs. We got new potatoes, asparagus, and some lovely strawberries.

Last time we also walked in Wilson Park, which we love for a lot of reasons, most of them this castle, but today we ran short of time: I had to return back to the condo in time to discuss weighty financial matters (re the Kid's college fund) with my father, so.

Still, it was a nice day, nice weather, and Fayetteville is such a great town.

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