Monday, April 01, 2013

Why U So Mad?

I wish someone would explain to me why the Right-Wing has such an emphasis on how angry everyone is.

I swear lately when I talk (or try to talk) to anyone who is Conservative I can't say three things before they start scolding me about how angry I am.

"Why are you so angry?"

"Why is everyone on the left so angry all the time?"

"You're such an angry young lady!"*

(1) As if the anger were the problem, and not the injustice

(2) As if I were too stupid to spot that this tactic is just another variation of  objectification: You're-so-cute-when-you're-mad!

(3) As if there has not been, in fact, a long history of those in power denying those they seek to control the right to express -- even to feel -- their legitimate emotions.  By which I mean: you are fucking well right I am angry. I have legitimate reasons to be angry. And I will express that anger through my language and through my political activism until you fuck-knobs change your shit-sucking attitudes and start treating me like a human being, and not like some object -- some fetus-containment unit, as one charming little Right-Wing bit described women to me recently -- when you recognize me and the laws of this country recognize me and my child and every other human being in this country as equal citizens?  THEN I might calm the fuck down.

Meanwhile you can fuck right off with your oh that's not a nice way to talk, dr. delagar.

I got your civility, right here.

*Also, I haven't been a young lady for quite some time. I am just saying.  So calling me this?  It's just another attempt to put me in my place.


Jennifer said...

Exactly! I often get the same thing, even from liberal friends and family. "You get so mad!" they say, as if surprised. My response is always "Of course I'm angry. Why aren't you?"

delagar said...