Saturday, December 11, 2010

Um, Well, Yeah, About That...

So my kid is visiting her grandparents, up the hill in FayetteNam.  

She was torn about this visit.  She wanted to see them; but on the other hand, it meant leaving The Kitty.  

(Last night The Kitty slept with me.  I woke several times with The Kitty walking on my face, or butting her head into me, going, insistently, ammrwworw! in The Kitty's own special way, which is to say, a curdling yowl that will peel skin off the inside of your ears.  Kitty is lonely without her girl.)

Anyway, she (the kid, not The Kitty) called last night, when she had been gone for approximately five hours, to explain how much she missed me and her daddy and The Kitty.  We also held a lengthy conversation about what each of us had been doing.  (Me: grading finals.  Her: Nothing.)

Toward the end of the conversation, her voice dropped to a whisper.  "Grandma says she's going to buy your book when it comes out in print."

"Well," I said, wondering about the whispering.  "That's good."

Pause.  Then, lower whispering, "Does she know its full of hot gay sex?"


Athena Andreadis said...

Your child is clearly very bright, Kelly... although I'd say most of the sex in Broken Slate so far, hot as it is, is not exactly consensual.

delagar said...

No, not consensual at all.

She's not actually reading Broken Slate -- I told her she could read the Martin books when she was 15. She just knows Martin's bisexual and that sex occurs in the book. I reckon she just extrapolated from there. (She's 12, after all!)