Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am grading and grading and grading.

This time of year, and again in the Spring (commencement-time), I get a bit sad.  

Students I have formed serious bonds with -- I'm not sure I can communicate how strong these bonds are: it's a bit like that between the parent and the child, a bit like that between really, really good friends, a bit like that between you and, oh, a singer, or song-writer you love more than light itself, only that singer visits your house twice a week and asks your for advice, and TAKES that advice --

And here's the bad news:  it's been two years, or maybe three?  And now they're moving on.

To graduate school.  To the Rhode Island School of Design.  To Yale Law.  To New York, to be actors.

Which, well, this is excellent.  I don't *want* them to stay in Fuck Smith and work as checkers as Wal-Mart.  Shit no!

But -- serious bonds?  Remember?

I remind myself -- every winter, every spring -- that new students will show up, that I will love them just as much as I loved these students.

Every year I wonder if I will ever believe that.

Do well, all y'all.

Don't come back.

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whitney said...

do you mind sending some of those "get the hell outta here" thoughts my way, please? =/