Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two-Fifths of Americans Think the World Is Made of Air

Every time I mention evolution in class -- which I don't do that often, but it does come up, usually when I'm teaching WLIT and we hit the 19th century -- I get students, like the students I mentioned in my previous post, who just shut down.

They know evolution is a lie.  

Now they haven't studied evolution, mind you.  It wasn't covered in their science classes, neither the home-schooled students and usually not the public school students either.  What was covered, if anything was, was *why* evolution was wrong, and how to explain to their lying liberal professors that evolution was wrong, and the mistakes Darwin made.  What they know for certain is that evolution can't be true, because if it is true, then the Bible is a lie.

And this, at the root of everything, is why they can't ever really believe anything their professors tell them.

They know we know evolution is real.  Since we know that, we must hate God.  Since we hate God, we're filled with the enemy (SATAN!!).  Since we're filled with Satan, ergo ipso fact QED, we're after their souls.

How are we to get them to learn algebra, then?  Or the best way to construct an essay?  Or what the Corn Laws have to do with Victorian literature?  Or why it matters that they read the actual novel and not just Sparks Notes?

Never mind why they should study what the text says about evolution.

Contrast that attitude with this story.

You'll see why I'm depressed.


Athena Andreadis said...

We're doomed. When is the next bus for Tau Ceti -- or, at least, New Zealand?


delagar said...

New Zealand! I've been looking at jobs there.

Also England and Australia, though my kid refuses to live in the latter, and I don't think I can afford the former.

Athena Andreadis said...

Sydney is wonderful -- lovely climate, lively culture, great universities. Take your kid to the coral reef. After that, she'll be begging you to move.

delagar said...

She's afraid of the spiders. Too much Animal Planet.