Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oil Spill

I have not been blogging much about the Deepwater spill.  Too depressing.  Also, what is there to say?  We are fucked, and no one is doing much to fix it.  No one seems to know how to fix it, from what I can see.  And BP?  Well, BP seems to think if they can just keep the spin managed, like by shutting their executives up (by sending them to yacht races, I guess), for instance, or stopping the press from seeing just how bad the situation is, well, then the situation won't actually be that bad.

What sucks is that even with an administration that's supposed to be pro-environment, very little is being done.  I know, I know:  Obama:  Get Disappointed by Someone New.

Also:  What Fred says here (Scroll down -- not what he says about McChrystal, though, yeah, that too-- what he says about BP/drilling.)

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