Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Well, Yeah...

See, at my kid's school they wouldn't let her mention any criticism of America -- they did a "study" of Columbus each year, only of course it wasn't a study at all, but a simple recitation of the buffed-up story that's been created around Columbus. The kid knows all the rest of the story (not, interestingly, from us, but from a big fat book she bought on her own, one of those books kids love, Ten Thousand Wicked Facts You Never Learned in History Class, some title like that, I was leafing through it the other day, it's appalling good on child labor and union-busting and what got eaten in the Middle Ages, too).

My point here, and I do have one, is violent determination of the Right in this country that America be beyond reproach -- that the Left are traitors because we dare to criticise our nation -- it would go down a deal better if the Right were not, while insisting it was evil to speak ill of the country, also destroying everything this nation stands for.

Not to mention the nation itself. Hell, doing their best to destroy the world.

All the while living in deep denial about it.

Because if they don't say it, it's not happening, apparently.

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dorki said...

"All the while living in deep denial about it."

Maybe not just denial. It has been said the the truly insane never know that they are.