Monday, May 03, 2010

This is Why I'm Depressed

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard of Stephanie Grace by now. From the same white class/enclave that gave us George W. and his ilk, she decided to enlighten the world last week with her notions of why black people just can't cut it in law school, or any other really competitive ilk. Here's a page outlining what happened then, with links.

Even more depressing than Ms. Grace (a 3L at Harvard Law, you must not forget, about to graduate, the product of years and years of expensive, highly honed education at what is supposed to be America's best schools) and her sad nonsense, though, are the comments being made on the piece. Apparently it is still 1951 in America. Or 1851. Apparently white folks will never have anything but their white skins to make them feel worth anything in this country.

See also this for Jesse Taylor's comments on the topic.
And this, for an old paper but a good one.

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Room To Write said...

I try not to make my classes about social issues; although, I have my students pick a topic of social significance and write the problem and offer solutions. The entire semester, I try to pick articles in which all my students can relate and discuss freely. We talk about torture, rape, abortion, race, issues about gender, and many other things through the semester as we look at articles or respond to one of their current event topics. And then, I get their final papers and they write the same crap: The borders should be closed because "those" people take jobs from Americans; Black people need to quit blaming us for all "their" problems; Gay people should not adopt kids cause, you know, they're gay. I could go on but it flat out depresses me. The one I read before finally closing the folder was that white people are supporting so many different groups of people from China to Mexico and it's time we stop. I could not find one textual piece of evidence to support this claim. Furthermore, it was the poor kid spouting what he has probably heard over the last eighteen years from his parents and grandparents and church folk. So, even with printed evidence to dispute their claims, or lack of evidence, they still are so indoctrinated that sometimes they follow those dreams. It is sad, but thank the bogs there are a few who become enlightened. Look at me and you and TOLP. We are not what our parents started, right?