Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking Time Out From Being Depressed About BP

To be depressed about RaceFail.

My kid absolutely loved Avatar: The Last Airbender.  After every episode, she would give me lengthy disquisitions on what had happened, her favorite characters, why what was going on was important, why she thought this person had done this thing, why it mattered.  I saw only random episodes, but I read enough critical work on the show to be deeply impressed.  When I heard a movie was being made, I was pleased -- as much for the kid as because we'd have a show we could see together.

However:  Here's why you should NOT go see the movie.

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Tree of Knowledge said...

_Prince of Persia_ should be avoided for similar reasons. Also because it looks stupid (I haven't seen it and have no desire to despite a healthy video-game addiction). There was even a yahoo pictorial (but not an actual article) on "whitewashing" films, which is weird because yahoo rarely features anything remotely serious.