Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh, Please

This is something I do not often admit, and I'm only doing it now under the influence of exasperation and a deal of rum: but in my youth I too was a libertarian.

I blame too much SF, too young.

The point is, I grew out of it.  

(I remember the exact moment, in fact.  I was on a houseboat on Bull Shoals lake talking to one of my Fundie uncles, who was trying to explain to me why I needed Jesus in my life, and I was explaining to him that I was an atheist and a libertarian, and we didn't need nothin' but guns and freedom, and he asked me what a libertarian was, exactly, and I started explaining to him how people didn't need governments or laws or anything but their own wits and boldness to make it in this here world, and the more I explained, the more I knew that every word I was saying was utter bullshit, and by the time I finished talking I was a libertarian no more.)

(OTOH, I am still an atheist, despite his devoted attempt to save my dark and evil soul.  Oh, well.)

Here is my point, and I do have one: Who, who, who over the age of 19 can truly believe this crap?

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