Thursday, March 25, 2010


You may not want to look at this one.  It's beyond appalling.

I'll give you a brief description, so you can decide before you click: a cartoon showing Obama as a rapist, just having raped America, represented by the Statue of Liberty.  He's telling her to shut up and stop whining, since she consent to the rape when she elected him, and he'll be back whenever he wants to do it again, "Immigration, Capn'Trade," he says, "whatever I want.  And next time I'll bring friends."

But of course it's not racist.  Oh NO. 

Because no one ever used THAT trope to oppress black men in the country, black guys raping the women.  Nah.

That's their defense these days, though:  I'm seeing it everywhere on the Right.  Whenever they do something appallingly racist like this and someone reacts and says, wow, son, that's a little, uh, racist, they say, don't you ever get tired of playing the race card?  

Apparently they think that's the tactic that works.  I guess it does in their circle.

(See also here.)


j0lt said...

I'm not looking, the description alone is absolutely appalling.

I need some mental toothpaste to get rid of that.

dorki said...

Gag . A . Maggot!!