Friday, February 05, 2010

He Knocks Another One Out

Another Must-Read from Ta-Nehisi Coates.

I don't write this out so that I can establish blame/guilt. To the contrary, the point is that the system was so far-reaching, that it took a conscious, deliberate and often personally dangerous effort to defy it. Against all odds, against a media that reinforced the assumptions of the system, against segregated social institutions that prescribed the assumptions, against whole familes which had bought into the assumption, one would have to rebel and say, "No." The point isn't that all white people are somehow guilty. The point is that a choice between guilt/innocence wasn't really present. It had to be created and it carried with it significant social costs.

This sort of post is why I keep on going over there. He's good a great deal of the time, though he will talk about music (y'all know I'm musically ignorant) and sports and other matters of which I know utterly nothing.

Now and then, as in today's post, he's amazing.

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