Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Herbert Obama

Michael Berube amuses me, as much as anyone can amuse me about what has been happening to what used to be my president, who is rapidly turning into, as Herr Doctor Delagar has started calling him, Herbert Obama (short for Herbert Hoover Obama):

Look, people, the proposed “budget freeze” is not a “freeze.” It’s more of a “chilly wind” or a simple “breeze,” like a “fudget breeze.” It’s not as if Obama gave us all a pony, and then there came a killing frost. The “fudget breeze” will not affect most of your favorite federal programs, such as defense, Medicare, foreign aid, Homeland Security, weapons development, Medicaid, the Pentagon, fruitbat subsidies, Social Security, stuff having to do with veterans’ services, and the Department of Blowing Shit Up.

They's more.

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