Friday, January 22, 2010

Hail Our New Corporate Overlords!

Or, Thanks, Justice Roberts, for the Shiny New Leash!

What with all the other charming evil news appearing on the landscape, the decision of the "non-activist" SCOTUS in Citizen United, well, I haven't the strength.

Luckily other blogs are taking up the slack.

Here, with Lawyers, Guns & Money.

Washington Monthly.

Text & History.

And Here, with Think Progress.


Karenne S. said...

Jewish physicians wearing tefillin on their heads is common where my husband works in West Haven, CT. Maybe it's a regional thing.

zelda1 said...

My head, too, hurts. Now, we can actually see the money trail. We know that special interest and big corporations have used their money and power to muscle into our voting machine those people that they can get favors from; however, these groups have not had it just handed to them. Now, it's handed to them.