Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whining Part III

Spent the day at various clinics, watching the kid get stuck and scanned and talking her off the ledge. She's only nine, but yikes can she panic.

We're looking at, among other things now, celiac disease. Massively life-altering but not so bad otherwise. I think I vote for that one if I can't have the Magic Unicorn. (That's the one where she's allergic to yellow peas, so we just eliminate yellow peas from her diet and....)

For the CT scan, she had to drink a barium shake. First off, she won't eat *anything* these days -- getting her to eat half a bite of banana for breakfast is like a three-act drama. So a two-pint barium shake? I look at the tech in dismay and amazement. Are you high? I wanted to inquire. I get three sips of water into her, I'm doing the happy dance, woman.

Second, apparently barium shakes do not taste very nice.

Nonetheless, by dint of much threatening and some judicious bribery (cost me three books afterwards at Books a Million) I got about a pint of it into her.

Then they stuck her so they could run her full of iodine. She actually didn't protest that part so much. This was after drawing the blood for the blood tests.

I don't even want to think about what this is doing to our medical bills.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend with celiac disease and another whose kid is allergic to just about everything. If it turns out the kid has celiac I can ask them for some of their recipes and modifications they make.

It's hard, at first, when your kid has to avoid a certain food (or, a whole food group in the Kid's case) but it gets more manageable. SG has a life threatening allergy to peanuts which we discovered when she was 15-months old. At first I dissected every label on every food and shied away from taking her out. Now I still read labels but knowing what she and and can't eat has become second nature.

Best of luck to you and the kid...

Anonymous said...

tonks is right. At first, it's overwhelming to watch and read labels, etc., but after a while, it gets easier. Good luck to you all.