Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I cannot bear the heat / Whining part 2

(1) It is still 105 here. Every day. The weather page says we're under SEVERE HEAT WARNING until tomorrow night, when it's going to break, and then we'll only have 97 as our high. Oy. I can't function! Malfunction! Malfunction! Even though we have AC and use it and even though we wear almost nothing inside (shorts and no shoes and wife-beaters -- that's me and the kid and I will not even MENTION what mr. delagar wears or rather does not wear) we are still so hot we can barely move during the day and at night it is one or two in the morning before we cool down enough to sleep. The AC cannot keep up with 105 degrees, and I can't turn it down far enough anyway, not unless I want a $500 electric bill this month.

(2) The kid is having belly pain. What does this mean? No one knows. She has had it since last spring. Gets worse after she eats. Gets better when she exercises. Accompanied by belching. No fever. She's lost four pounds since April, mainly because since it's connected to eating, she won't eat. She also won't watch TV or go to movies, since she's convinced it gets worse when she does these things. She's convinced it gets better when she reads, so, well, that's good -- I guess. Except for the bit about how she won't eat. Her doctor and I are flummoxed. We did an ultrasound today, and found nothing. Did bloodwork in June, and found nothing. Both prescription and over-the-counter acid reducers do very little. Aside from the obvious (that the kid is a whack) anyone have ideas?

(3) I have been trying to get my character down a street for THREE DAYS now. It's hot where he is, they're having a bad heat wave (hey -- I wonder why?) also he's drinking too much rum (the fuck is up with this?) and his kid is having issues (dude -- what's going on? Parallel universes, ya think?). Why can't I get him up the road? How do I get him up the road? What's the de-e-eal?

(4) It's too hot to cook here. What can we eat?

(5) Parents' meeting at her school tonight. School starts Monday. For her -- yay! -- but also for me. Oh, well.


Anonymous said...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome? I can think of two friends offhand with this problem. One is on all sorts of medication for IBS, the other is undiagnosed and very skinny. My mom also has a sugar allergy, and went through childhood and adolescence feeling nauseated after eating anything faintly sweet.

delagar said...

Sugar allergy! I've never heard of this. Eating anything sweet does make everything worse.

I'll look into IBS too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Here's what came to my mind: A gluten allergy, Crohn's disease (not likely) or other food allergy. Diagnosing a food allergy is a fairly simple process- not comfortable but manageable. I've got a fantastic allergist here in KC if you're interested.

I had a similar problem in my early 20's and it was a combination of an ulcer and endometriosis but I'm thinking the Kid is too young for the latter. That said my problems began when I was 11.

Anonymous said...

I went through this about 5 years ago. I developed sensitivities to eggs, peanuts and tomatoes. (And probably certain yellow dyes - I have to avoid yellow cheeses.) I, too, felt better when I exercised (a long, slow walk) after meals. It took a couple of years just to figure out what was happening. Also complicating the situation was the tremendous amount of stress that I was under.

After eliminating foods that I'm sensitive to, I've found that it helps to be deliberate about how I eat, eating slowly and chewing well and having peaceful mealtimes.

Start with a diary of what she eats and how she feels up to 24 hours afterward. Pay careful attention to what is in the food, especially hidden ingredients like eggs.

Best of luck to you all.

Anonymous said...

1) We got our electric bill for last month: nearly $400. No idea how we're going to pay it- bend over a little more, perhaps?

4) As for what to eat: sandwiches, corn on the cob, fruit and cold salads. I also think it would be terribly awesome of you to declare that dinner will consist of banana splits. My parents would do that once or twice a year when I was young and I thought it was the coolest thing ever- still do, actually!

CB said...

Perhaps, you should drop a deus ex machina in there, like a spaceship, therapist, white fluffy dog with telekinesis, air condition, rain.

As for eating, well, I've been eating cherries for the past few days, and crackers. :( wish it were cooler, so I could have some cooked food.

delagar said...

Mouse -- Heh! I've tried THREE of those d.e.x. so far! No use yet. This f.in guy.

tonks & Cyn. -- allergy! Why haven't I thought of allergy yet? It's not like the kid isn't already allergic to half the planet...we'll try to food diary & talk to the doc!

CB said...

just a question: if you get him to the end of the road, where's he gonna go from there?

If I were him, I wouldn't move til I knew where I was going. Beat him up and have him lay/lie (which is it? I never know) in a gutter for a while.

Hope you figure out what's wrong with the kid. Belly aches are traumatic. I remember I quit eating eggs (and I love eggs) for two years bc they made me sick.

delagar said...

Mouse should take my grammar course! Then you would know lie from lay! MWF 9:00!

Course, you'll be in grad school come fall, won't you?

Okay, it's easy. Lie is intransitive (does not take an object); lay is transitive.

Or: Having drunk way too much rum, Martin lies in the gutter; having been fed a fine organic diet, the free-range hens lay brilliant eggs.

CB said...

Have I told you that I think you're awesome?

I've heard all that before, but never (let me qualify that--I mean that I recall) with examples so effective.

Yes, I'll be in grad school, doing that learning thing.