Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lego Wars

So mr. delagar and the kid have been having "Lego days," all week -- he's been home with this kid this month while I taught Summer II -- which means, ai, Legos all over the front room. And I mean ALL OVER.

Anyway, Friday mr. delagar decided, having put together several large tanks and a dictator, to do a film production -- I jest not -- a biopic of Idi Amin's life, The Lego Version.

Since then he and the kid have been painting backdrops, building sets, doing research, setting up scenes...last night they shot the first scenes, which I admit are lovely (did I ever mention that mr. delagar does short films? Oh, yes).

You'll recall he's meant to be doing his dissertation this summer. Well. I'm sure a Lego biopic of Idi Amin fits in there somewhere.

He showed me the out-takes this morning. (It's digital, so, you know, no waiting!) They were nice. I giggled anyway.

"You're not taking this seriously!" he accused.


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