Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Invigorating -- But, well...

I assume you've seen Keith Olbermann's message to Bush from last night, asking both Bush and Cheney to resign -- if not, go do that, now. I'd link, but you know my rotten links. It's everywhere, you won't have trouble finding it. Put Olbermann, Libby, Bush, into for your search terms, you'll get a gazillion hits.

Most of them, I'm interested and pleased to see, favorable to Olbermann. I went through the top six pages of Google Blog Search and found only two blogs that didn't say something like Olbermann ROXS!!1! and one (from Montana), a fella who admitted he was more of an O'Reilly fan, who said Olbermann was just too leftist for him, that had a tepid response. He said he just didn't think Bush or Cheney would resign.

Yeah, me either. To do that, either of them would have to have the least awareness of what they're doing to the country -- what they've done at all. Bush wouldn't look the mother of a dead soldier in the eye. He won't face up to any of it. Cheney won't look at the pictures of the torture victims, pictures that wouldn't exist if he hadn't helped get us into a useless, evil war. And, mostly? Neither cares. If they did look? If someone could make them understand the harm their actions have caused? Fuck it, I imgaine their response would be. Because they aren't who got hurt, after all, or any one they know about. They take care of their own, and the rest of us? Well, we can just do the same, and if we can't, it's because we're losers and we deserve what we get.

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