Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Time for Affliction

Passover tonight.

Of course I have a meeting scheduled this afternoon which will likely run until five, giving me zero time to go home and get ready for the ceremony of affliction, because the University of Pork Smith does not, of course, recognize today as a holiday -- though, to be fair, they're not giving student this Friday off either.

"We're not getting Good Friday off?" students keep demanding of me in astonishment.

"Good?" I demand back. "What's good about it?"

Guess they haven't heard about the War on Easter yet.

Feast of Affliction tonight: Chicken and cherries, grilled asparagus, potato kugel, matzo ball soup, salad. Oh, and chocolate-covered matzo, among other things, on the dessert menu. I have to say, covering it with dark chocolate strikes me about the only way to make matzo edible.


CB said...

hope it was good. they made me work or i'd've joined ya :/ alas, need moneys to eat those meals zelda's recommendin' thus i work.

zelda1 said...

The feast was great and I felt substantially or efficiently afflicted, almost like I was celebrating the passover of my afflicted ancestors instead of your sweet hubby's. What were those chocolate covered marshmellow things and where I can buy more. They were too good to leave behind.