Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Momentary Interruption of Service

I'm off to Texas -- no, it's NOT my fault -- well, you know, except in the sense that we all have free will and it's a free country (sort of, still, yet) and I could have boycotted the CEA Conference for holding the session in TX this year and yap yap yap...

That's a favorite thing to do, btw, by CEA members: boycott sessions. The first year I ever attended the session was held in SC, and half the members boycotted the session. I can't even remember why. I think it was the Confederate Flag issue. I think that was the year SC voted or didn't vote to put the Confederate Flag on or off their state flag...anyway, it was my first year in a real tenure-track job, my first year presenting a paper as an assistant professor, as opposed to a Visiting Assisistant Professor or a graduate student, I had food poisoning from unwisely eating crab soup at some dive on the boardwalk the evening before, and very nearly no one showed up for my presentation -- which still made it so much better than my experience at the APA in New York, the last big conference I had presented at, when I presented a paper called "Who's on Top," as a graduate student, which argued that Virgil, Ovid and Catullus had been deliberately playing the role of sexual inferiors in their imitations of Alexandrian poets, being fancy boys, as it were, in order to diss the notion of the superior Roman Tough Guy (in case you are ever wondering, Classics Professors are MEAN when you challenge their turf) that I didn't actually mind so much.

Anyway, nearly every other CEA convention I have been to, someone has been protesting something, except last year, in Indiana, when no one protested anything. Too bad. I would have liked to protest the existence of Indiana. That's where the server boy was snotty to me when I ordered French fries with my lunch. ("We don't have French fries, ma'am," he said. "We have American fries." And yet? Oddly? He didn't seem to be in uniform. I wonder why not. I wonder why he was working at a mall hamburger shop, that 20 year old strapping lad, when he could have been signing up to go defend his country. Very odd, that.)

Where was I? Oh, yes. Off to Texas.

So I won't be posting for a bit.

But while I'm gone, I leave you other fine bloggers to cruise:

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See you next week!


zelda1 said...

Farewell and don't eat the mountain oysters, they're big there in that Texas place.

Diane said...

Have a good time!

Oh, and the first time I thought it was a typo, but now I guess I need to let you know--it's Diane, not Diana.

delagar said...

Yikes! Sorry! I'll fix it.

Diane said...