Thursday, April 27, 2006

National "Fuck Up, Will You?" Day

Seems the Wingers are annoyed about the National Day of Silence thing being so successful.

Here's Alan Sears, whining:

It’s an interesting approach: education through verbal vacuum. Integration through intimidation. Impressionable minds, encouraged to imagine – and be struck dumb by – the injustices perpetrated on fledglings to homosexual behavior by a callous public and the cold constraints of that old-time-religion.

No facts. No studies. No discussion. No presentation of alternative viewpoints. No examination of the possible physical, emotional, or spiritual consequences of homosexual behavior. Just a few hours of propagandistic pouting.

It’s working.

A 2001 poll by Zogby International found that 85 percent of high school seniors supported something called "homosexual rights." Two-thirds supported legalizing same-sex "marriage," and 68 percent favored same-sex couples being allowed to adopt children. Another 79 percent endorsed so-called anti-discrimination laws specifically designed to protect those who engage in homosexual behavior, and 88 percent backed “hate crimes” legislation.

So they're starting their own day: going to call it The Day of Truth.

It's going to be all about how nasty teh gay is.

...I heard a story on NPR this morning talking about the national Day of Silence to raise awareness of GLBT issues. Unfortunately, one of the followups was an interview with a Christian student who is organizing what she calls a Day of Truth, where she and her cohorts will 'lovingly' express their disagreement with a particular 'lifestyle'...

And here's another one:

Yesterday was the “Day of Silence” for same-sex marriage advocates, where silent coercion is used (rather than respectful open dialogue) in an attempt to shame those that don’t buy into the declaration that the same-sex lifestyle is healthy, normal, and the equivalent of natural organic relationships and marriages between a men and women. Thus it seems fitting to look at some of the recent news/dialogue relevant to the issue, after all today is the “Day of Truth” where proponents of natural, healthy relationships respectfully and openly discuss their concern with same-sex lifestyles.

Cause you know these Xtian Wingers: they're all about that Respectful Open Dialogue. That's why Novatownhall is quoting "Dr." Mike Adams on her blog, I reckon. Cause she's so into respect.

Here's the bit of Dr. Mike I like the best:

-I am intolerant of girls who wear snow shoes with miniskirts. My problem is with the former, not the latter.
-I am intolerant of people who say the word “like” every third word. I like think that like they should like be deported.
-I am intolerant of illegal aliens. And so are you, don’t lie.
-I am intolerant of people who drive 40 MPH in the fast lane. I sometimes call the cops and say that they were swerving.

He's so respectful, Dr. Mike.

That's from an essay on gays, and why he shouldn't have to tolerate them, mind you.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, right.

Xtian Wingers.

They've been made nervous by the Day of Silence.

Which, frankly? Cracks me up.

So they're positioning themselves as not made nervous -- not, not! They're just more enlightened than those pouty perverts! They're not interested in propaganda! Or posturing! They want to educate! They want to open a dialogue!

Yeah. That explains all that praying about the flagpole and the giant crosses stuck up all over the landscape and shit. I get it now. It's all about opening the dialogue.

So all right, Wingers. We had one Day of Silence. That leaves, by my count? 364 days that y'all can talk. Since you're so fucking interested in dialogue.

I'm starting the countdown now.


zelda1 said...

Wow, I'm a homo your homo wouldn't you like to be a homo too. HEHE.
Do you really think they will open up and talk. No way, it's about their way or the highway, or name calling or rights taking or hanging or lynching or locking out of clubs or, or, or just being white dominating men or their little women who follow close behind, don't want to confuse who wears the pants.

delagar said...

Heh. Dialogue.