Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Those Godless Leftists

This is funny


only totally not, because I'm too sick of this particular brand of ignorance to find it funny anymore.

Our Red State Rant boy thinks Leftists have never met any Christians -- he compares them to the mythic Christians who thinks Jews have horns, that's how little contact most Leftist have with any actual Christians, he seems to think.

That Leftists could, well, *be* Christians is an idea that doesn't cross his mind.

That Leftists can come from a Christian community (yes, indeed, I have an uncle who speaks in tongues, I do, I do, and another who was a Pentecostal preacher til the day he died) -- well, that can't be so.

That Leftists can live among Christians? Teach them? Have them for friends? Respect them? Nah.

Not all Christians, mind you. Not ones like Red State Rant Boy. I do not respect him. But Christians with moral integrity and intellectual honor -- like my man Fred over there at Slacktivist (http://slacktivist.typepad.com/), well, sure.

No, son. It's only folks like you, who read a great mind who says things like Love your enemy, do good to him who does evil to you, and decides that what that *really* means is persecute your enemies, hate the alien among you, and bomb the living shit out of anyone who isn't exactly like you, that we despise.

(Look up the meaning of despise. Got nothing to do with hate.)


zelda1 said...

My husband and I are both christians or that is how we were raised. Lately, we have been discussing actively doing what we have secretly been doing for a few years and that is seek religion outside of the parameters of chritianity. I like Buddah and I also like Judaism. Their teachings are what I think humanity should be like. Doing good, mending the world, helping others, and not hating. We are working on being better people and it makes me happy that I can be a better person without talking in tongues or sitting in a two hour church service listening to an ignorant man try and explain what the bible says and hearing really bad music and seeing all the gossipers and haters sitting on the Aman bench. It is distressing, and so we are happy doing what we can to learn about other religions and cultures and ways of lives and someday we may totally convert to something new and not so trendy. I can just see my fundalmentalists sisters when I make that announcement. YIKES!

Ol Cranky said...

I've met quite a few devout Christians whose denomination (and/or practice of the denomination) fits in with what the fundies consider "big C" Christians - as a matter of fact I have a couple of very good friends who would (technically) fit in that mold but are accepting of people for being who they are. There's a girl who used to work for me and my secretary who both fear for my immortal soul because, while they recognize I'm a good and moral person, their faith preaches that I am destined to hell as a sinner for the crime of being Jewish. While all the evangelicals I've met (except one couple - I'm not sure if Nazarenes are considered fundamentalist, but I'm pretty sure it's an evangelical denomination) will bear witness in an effort to try to convert a few use techniques that are polite and respectful though the majority with whom I've encountered proselytize with the tact of a screaming banshee.

the mythic Christians who thinks Jews have horns

Believe it or not, those people still exist. I first experienced this strange phenomenon when the girl who lived across from me my freshman year in college (1984) took me home to Troutville, VA for "show & tell" with her family. Her sister asked me to show her my horns. It was not the last time I was asked. . .invariably, those who inquired were all Southern Baptists.