Thursday, October 27, 2005

Light Posting

Sorry for the light posting lately -- we're in what we call around the delagar household an astrological cold spot, where one bad thing after the next keeps slamming into us. It's wearing me out.

The most recent string of events, just this week, include the Chancellor of our University dying, which has the entire Faculty edgy and uncertain, one of my dogs attacking the other and biting his eye out, so that I have to not only deal with the trauma of handling the little dog's injury, but think about what to do about the big dog -- is it safe to keep him around? I do have a seven year old, after all; on the one hand, we love the big dog; on the othe, what if he bites the child next time -- and being told, yesterday, that I need to undergo tests on Monday to find out whether I might have a "little tumor" hanging around up in my kidney. (I quote, I quote.)

Which, since I did, once, have a little tumor hanging around my thyroid, I can't meet with quite the cheeriness the surgeon presented it to me with. Though I'm doing my best.

You can imagine the effect all this is having on the kid. Well, we haven't told her about the possible tumor. And she doesn't care about the Chancellor. But all the other disasters that are dropping on our heads ( -- disasters: Bad stars. Heh.) they're not helping her deal.


zelda1 said...

I'm sorry about the chancellor. I understand that he did a lot to bring money into the university. And poor little dog, is the eye completely gone like an empty socket? If big dog is showing aggressive tendencies, I think the baby should not be around him and the two dogs seperated when no one is there, in fact, Mr. Zelda thinks the big dog might need to be put down. When and what are your test? Kidney tumors, the most common is a wilms, I think, and if I remember correctly is 100 percent curable. They are usually found in men, my brother-in-law had one in 1981, it ruptured and he lost a kidney but survived the cancer. Think positive. Not all tumors are malignant, I had an eighteen pound tumor removed that they were for certain was malignant, in fact we had already made initial contact with M.D.Anderson, but it turned out to be a greedy fast growing tumor heavier than most three-year-olds. We have to think positive. When did he tell you this and what was his test? I'm really freaking out here.

delagar said...

re freaking you aren't the only one. Test is Monday 6:oo a.m. It's a scope and some x-rays. Does that sound right?