Thursday, September 22, 2005

Interesting Idea

Fred over there at Slacktivist has an interesting idea, re our useless President and his Horrible Useless War that's sinking us Horribly into debt.

He points out that we funded WWII by selling War Bonds, and that, at the moment, all these idiots with their stupid magnets on their stupid SUVs proclaiming that they Support the Troops! are actually supporting nothing at all but some cheap factory in Tawain or wherever.

Why not, says Fred, connect these magnets to bonds? Buy a $500 War Bond, get an official Magnet? Then when you slapped one of those puppies on your stupid Hummer, you'd actually be supporting the troops, and not just acting like a poseur.

I really like this idea.

Plus, as Fred points out, it would give us even more leave to mock the poseurs who think they're actually doing something, with their moronic Support the Troops magnets.

(Here in NW Arkanas, as I have mentioned, our Support the Troops magnets have bright red Razorback Hogs jumping out of their loops. Which is just so appallingly offensive I can't even get past it. I support the troops -- and the Razorbacks! Cause it's the same thing! Yippee! Go Hogs! Go Amurica! Hoo-ya!)


CB said...

Sunshine, that should be Yee-Haw, not hoo-ya.

zelda1 said...

Put their money where their mouth is, now that's a great idea. I'm sure that those expensive huge gass sucking giant cars keep the extra spending down, well for the average wannabee rich guy and his wife who are to fucking stupid to really know what the war is about and can only spout what they think their preacher wants them to spout.