Thursday, September 01, 2005

Good God

All right. I've been trying not to politicize this, since it all sucks badly enough already.

But we've got bodies in the water. We've got people dead. We got billions of dollars of damage. My entire family is homeless. The city of my childhood, every place that means anything to me, is destroyed for all I know, and what does Bush say?

"I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."



Not to mention, what a liar.

Go see Echidne who will tell you exactly how much"

And then he said this is the Washington Post:

"The critical thing was to get people out of there before the disaster," he said on NBC's "Today" program. "Some people chose not to obey that order. That was a mistake on their part."

Yes, right. Nothing to do with being too poor to leave or not having a vehicle or nowhere to go. Laws no.

Can I get a show of hands?

Is this the worst president ever or what?

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zelda1 said...

So, the fuckwit says it is their fault they are flooded and have lost everything. Did he not see the disabled people who lived and had no one to take them out, the dying who had no one to take them out, the poor who had no money to put the gold in their tanks to drive them out. My god, that man is ignorant. He has to be the most uncaring person in the world, next to let me see, hmmm no one.