Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Random Stuff

I do not have Covid. I think it was just a cold, because I'm much better today.

We've hit summer already here in Arkansas. High near 80 tomorrow.

I read Laurie Frankel's new book, Family Family, between naps while I was waiting to see if I had Covid. It is just excellent. Highly recommend.

Half my time in online classes is spent reminding students that if they just read the directions and look at the example I have given, they would be able to answer their own questions. Only I'm way nicer than that when I say it. But UGH.

My students are much more receptive to the idea of Universal Basic Income than I expected them to be. Only a few students have sternly explained to me that we should be against UBI because it's immoral, or liberal. Honestly I was expecting that reaction out of most of them.

Even so I think next semester I will have them write about extinction events instead. Or maybe plastic, though oh my God researching plastic is so depressing.

My kid got into graduate school. He's waiting to hear about a (real) job, but if he doesn't get that, he'll almost certainly go to grad school. His ultimate goal is to be a scientific illustrator and also draw comics.

I am craving cookies like you wouldn't believe but all the cookies available at our local grocery stores are disgusting. Also I don't really want to bake my own but it may come to that. UGH.

There's another local Chinese takeout I might talk Dr. Skull into trying, since I am not happy with the one we're using now.

How's things with all y'all?

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