Wednesday, February 14, 2024

God Never Makes Mistakes

PZ Myers discusses a Christian bigot making the claim that trans people shouldn't exist because it's wrong to change what God creates.

Myers rebuts her claims, but I'd just like to add that it's kind of telling how many of these bigots make that claim while, say, wearing makeup. Or eyeglasses. Never mind how many of them have had plastic surgery or gastric bypass surgery or fake tans, in the aim of gender-affirming care (so that they'll look more like they think a person of their gender should look). Or wear heels. Or dye their hair. Or pluck their eyebrows, shave their legs, put on perfume, hell, fucking bathe. God wants us to be smelly, after all, that's how he made us. 

And if God never makes mistakes, then I guess we should leave kids born with heart defects or cleft palates or club feet as God made them. We should let Type I diabetics die. People with high blood pressure, no help for them. If you get a cavity, why, God wants your teeth to rot, that's how he made them.

Oh, wait, it's only TRANS people we should keep from getting the medical help they need. I keep forgetting.

You can tell these people are creating God in their own image, because he always believes exactly the hateful bullshit they believe.

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