Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Silliness from the Right

 This post (plus its comments) remind me of right after Obama won, when all the reactionary whiners were declaring they would "go Galt!" and thus shut down the US economy.

So, what if they take out all phone and internet on the 6th, and then claim this was Trump supporters, and that Trump is trying to effect a revolution, and they send out people to arrest all known/prominent Trump supporters (Note this probably won’t get to my level. It MIGHT, but probably won’t.)

And then in three days internet is restored, and the phone, and the story is set of the failed Trump coup. Which, of course, allows them to move on with their political cleansing program “completely justified”?

 Of course, here, they're threatening to lynch people and commit acts of terrorism because an old white guy got elected, so, you know, not really the same thing.

Just as filled with rebel posturing, though.

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