Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Life as an Anthropology Major

 My kid had to buy this for his Dental Science class. It has "realistic" teeth and gums, and also you can pull the teeth out and then replace them. The kid is sure it's haunted.


Dental Science is a class which was designed for bio anthropology majors, but tons of predental students take it too. So the kid is surrounded by (extremely conservative) future dentists. Right now the kid has purple hair and fingernails painted black.


I want him to name it Chomps d'Elysee.


D Shannon said...

Your post reminded me of "Mister Dip Lip" from Dave Barry's gift guide book. So I did a search. "Mr. Dip Lip" still exists, but has been made less disturbing over the past few years. The product should not be confused with "Mr. Gross Mouth," which also exists.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

I Just CANNOT with teeth. Good thing there are people in the world who will... enjoy? ... their haunted teeth.

delagar said...

He has named the teeth "Lady Justin Chompsky"

Foscavista said...

If only your child were a ventriloquist, if only.

delagar said...