Saturday, September 07, 2019

Yet Another Moving Report

This one about the cats and dog:

The little dog adjusted right away. He loves it here. He especially loves all the many windows that run floor to ceiling that he can look out of, watching vigilantly for bunnies and birds and squirrels, but also leaves that blow across the yard. Each time, he barks wildly and demands to be let out to chase them.

The cats have finally emerged from hiding, but now they wander the house wailing. Once they find me (specifically me, mostly, but sometimes Dr. Skull) they are fine; but until then, they walk the halls and scream: I'm lost! I'm lost! What is this place! I'm lost!

This lead to us making chirping kitty noises and saying, "Kitty! Kitty! We're in here, kitty!" over and over and then, finally, exasperated, "In here, dumb ass! Here!"

As a last resort, I go and pick the cat in question up and fetch her to me. Dr. Skull just shuts his office door and plays his guitar louder.


Anonymous said...

I'm mostly a reader and not a commenter on your blog. In regards to your cats, have you tried catnip spray to make them more relaxed (and high)? Also, if you know you're not having company coming over, perhaps leave in different rooms articles of clothing that you et al. have worn, so the cats will have your scent when you et al. are not at home or asleep.

-Reader with three cats

delagar said...

Coincidentally, I just bought them a new scratching pad, and it came with a little bag of catnip, to scatter on the pad. It does seem to have helped!

I'll try the clothing trick too. Thanks!