Wednesday, September 04, 2019


In case, like me, you're trying to figure out what's going on over there in Parliament, this might be helpful

The story we hear about Antifa from the Right is (and I know this will shock you) a big fat lie

Amy Wax, a Leading Intellectual of White Nationalism, Tells All (it's exactly as willfully ignorant as you'd expect)

Zero tolerance for dangerous freeloading immigrants


What are women for

Living in the future

Labor Day -- not about the sales and picnics

In my Working Class Lit class, I taught about the above, and also showed the great John Sayles film, Matewan -- it's well worth watching, and I see it's being released on BluRay soon

The inevitable American solution to everything comes for addiction

This almost killed me -- but remember, pregnancy isn't an illness, and it doesn't need medical treatment (the constant chant from the "pro-life" crowd)

Fifty years ago, her pastor would absolutely have found biblical "proof" that the bible didn't allow interracial marriage, just as solid as the "proof" Evangelicals are quoting against LGBTQ people now:

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