Thursday, February 28, 2019


I'm out sick today, with what is probably just a cold.

It might be the mumps. Mumps are rampant in our area, thanks to anti-vaxxers, and though I had mumps as a child, previous to the MMR vaccine, I understand sometimes your immunity doesn't hold. And I've got the symptoms of the mumps.

But it's probably just a cold. There's as a bad cold loose in our area.

The thing is, though, after I was so sick last year with whatever that* was, on the edge of death with whatever that was, now every time I get a sniffle or a bout of queasiness, I'm afraid it's the start of a precipitous decline.

Sick Day

*It might have been a parasite, my PCP says. Though I stopped eating gluten, and it went away. So it might have been a gluten allergy. Who knows. It was terrible, though.

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