Sunday, January 29, 2017

Well, That Was a Week

I knew the Trump Regime would be awful, but who could have guessed it would be this astoundingly awful? Not even me, and I had fascist dystopia for 300, Alex.

Just a reminder: donate to the ACLU. Donate to CAIR. Donate to the local food banks. Write and phone your reps. Volunteer when and where you can.

Resist. Tear this vile fascist down.

And don't be afraid to take a break. It's all right to take care of yourself, to breathe, to exercise, to make your art. This will be a long fight. Be kind to yourself as well as others.

And now a word from the Doctor:


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I actually cried when I saw the video from #MyDoctor. I know that's probably silly, but it was somehow just what I needed at the moment. I love David Tennant.

Christine Boese said...

It's one thing to not expect the Spanish Inquisition! But when delagar says SHE of ALL PEOPLE didn't expect a fascist dystopia, now THAT is really saying something. Cuz I just sort of thought she always expected a fascist dystopia.

delagar said...

As I said to one of my students recently, I've always loved dystopian novels, and now I get to live in one. :(