Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Breaking News: Rod Dreher More Batsh*t Crazy Than Ever

Even his own Commentariat turn on him with this one.

"Obama Springs Transgender Traitor," he shrieks, and spends most of the post in an uncontrollable tantrum over the fact that Chelsea Manning is transgender.
This penis-having traitor suffers because people might not think she is a “real woman”. Think about that. Manning suffers serious psychological problems, and has tried to commit suicide. He should receive medical treatment — but not boobs grown at taxpayer expense on his traitorous breast, and not liberty for breaking his oath under arms.

(Of course Dreher insists on misgendering Manning. What a twit.)

Paragraphs of that, leading to his conclusion, which is that Manning has only had her sentence commuted because her transgender status has made her such a hero to the Left.

Typical Far-Right Historical Revisionism, and to their credit, his Commentariat points that out to him -- arguing that the Left was arguing that Manning's treatment was unjust, and that her prison sentence should be commuted or that she should be pardoned well before Manning revealed that she was trans.

Rod ignores these comments, though he is finally forced to admit, after several people point it out to him, that Manning isn't actually a traitor.

Later, he adds an update:

I was thinking just now why this case made me so angry. And then it hit me. About 25 years ago, I shared an apartment with a gay friend, a college buddy, and helped him get settled and started. He ended up walking out on our lease and skipping town, owing me $800 and leaving me scrambling to find someone to take his room, because I couldn’t afford the apartment on my own. That was bad enough, but I had also loaned him my laptop so he could compose his resume and hunt for work. I found out later, after he had skipped town, that he had gone into my private e-mails, read them all, and distributed information he found good and gossipy, all at my expense. And while doing all that behind my back, he told his friends that it was okay, because I was a conservative, and therefore part of the oppressor class. They agreed, apparently. The fact that I was a conservative justified his betrayal in his mind, because conservatives oppressed gay people. 

In the comments, he gets furious at those who point out how, um, revealing this update is. He is not EITHER prejudice against gay people, he snarls. And he is not saying all LGBT people are just alike! How dare you say such mean, slanderous things about Rod!

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