Monday, October 31, 2016

Tomorrow They Cut on Me

...which sounds really dramatic.

Tomorrow morning at five a.m. I check in for the surgery to fix (let's hope) my hiatal hernia, which is causing my GERD, which is causing my ulcer.

Why five a.m.? That was my question as well. That's far too early for anything to happen, if you want my opinion.

My mother has come to stay with us, and will be staying at the hospital with me -- the surgeon wants to keep me overnight, to make sure I can swallow behind this operation.

Unlike Heebie, I have not fasted.  In fact, because after this surgery I will be confined to a liquid diet for  a month, I have been eating now everything I won't be able to eat then, including (not an exhaustive list): hamburgers, bun tom xao, Doritos, banana bread, fried whitefish, turkey on rye, and freeze-dried pears.

Most of these have not helped my ulcer, I need hardly say. Thus disproving Socrates once again. (Who would know the good and still choose wrongly? This girl, obviously.)


Bardiac said...

Delagar, I wish you the best possible outcome! I hope this totally solves your problem, you heal fast, and you feel better quickly.

Take good care.

And tell your child to post more :) (Okay, that's just me wanting to read more Fragile)

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Good luck! I hope everything goes very well. And I'm like you -- if I knew I wouldn't be eating anything of interest for a month, I'd eat a bunch of crap beforehand to get my fix in.

Take care!

JaneB said...

Me three, on the eating crap preemptively even if it makes me feel bad and I KNOW it makes me feel bad.

Says the person who ate a large dominos pizza over the weekend, even though that is just THE WORSE for my acid reflux, my cattarrh, my digestive system, my energy levels and all sorts of other things. Not only is any kind of yeasted bread bad, white flour is worse, acidic tomato toppings a problem, but Dominos is totally THE WORST of all the local pizza options (and yes, I've tried them). yet there was a special offer involving cookies, and pizza entered my house and my mouth. And even though I was already feeling the effects, I ate the leftovers up over the next 36 hours.

I might KNOW things, but I'm lousy at ACTING on them.

Socrates diodn't have access to pizza, of course, maybe he'd've realised there are exceptions?

nicoleandmaggie said...

Good luck!

delagar said...

Thanks, all y'all -- the surgery went well, and I'm recovering well. No heartburn or GERD so far.

Already missing coffee, though.